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Foot Rest/ Floor Board Designed to be Compatible with the OLDER Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Push Car

Foot Rest/ Floor Board Designed to be Compatible with the OLDER Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Push Car

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Tired of your kid's feet dragging the ground when you push them in their older Cozy Coupe because it doesn't have a foot rest or floorboard? The coupes did not come with a floor board like the newer models. Solution, a small floorboard the child can rest their feet on, but still push themselves if they want. This particular listing also comes with the parts needed to attach it to the older coupes that did not come with a floor board. My two year old daughter loves this floor board. She can easily put her feet up off the ground while I push her. If she wants to push herself, there is plenty of room for her feet behind the floor board to reach the ground.

This floorboard is designed for older cars that do not have the little round black pegs installed in the foot well area of the car, just below the steering wheel. The floor board comes with the two black pegs and screws to install them. PLEASE SEE MY PICTURES!


*To install:

1) Clean area with rubbing alcohol for two sided tape.

2) Snap the two black pegs (in kit) into the key holes in the floor board.

3) Peel the backing from the two sided tape.

4) Position floor board in foot well of cozy coupe and push to stick the black pegs to the car. Make sure

the floor board clears the front wheels when they castor around.

5) Remove floor board by gently lifting straight up and out from the car.

6) Install the two provided (longer) self taping screws in the center of the black pegs to hold them to the


7) Re-Install the floor board on the pegs and install the other two (shorter) provided screws into the floorboard to keep the floor board from moving around.

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